Q: I don't know where to start.

A: That's okay!  We know that you have a lot of things on your plate while planning your wedding, so our goal is to make hair and makeup easy for you.  The first step would be to contact us to see if your date is available.  You can reach out to us on our CONTACT page and we'll be in touch as soon as we get your message!

Q: Yay!  Detroit Glam Squad is available for my date.  What's next?

A: The next thing you'll want to do is schedule a trial.  This is kind of like a first date.  You want to see if we're a compatible match, if you like what we do with your hair and face, and if we vibe well.  After all, you want your wedding morning to be fun and enjoyable!  Trials typically last anywhere from an hour to two.  During that time we'll ask questions about the "feel" of your wedding, if you have photos of hair and makeup that you like, to see photos of the dress, etc...  These questions help us establish a better understanding of what you are looking for.

We'll bring a contract to the trial to be filled out that details how many people will be needing services, which services they'll be needing, the date and location of the wedding, the start and end times of our services, pricing, retainer fee, how much will be due at least 24 hours before the wedding, travel fees, and any notes that we take regarding your look.

What we would need from you at your trial, should you choose to book us, is:

  • Number of People Needing Services: depending on whether or not we have an event booked after your event, you may be able to add additional services on the day of the event; however there is no guarantee. Conversely, you are responsible for the full amount on the contract--even if someone backs out the day of. We take your event seriously. This means  sometimes we turn down other events or contract additional artists to make sure we have enough time for yours and we require full compensation.

  • Start and End Times: we work on a "per service" basis, so occasionally we book multiple events in the same day--and we don't want to be late or make anyone else late!  The start and end times for your event will be calculated by the number of people and services needed for your party.  We work backward from when you need to be ready and then add some cushion (just in case).

  • Event Location

  • Event Date

  • Retainer Fee: we require a nonrefundable $25 retainer fee per service per person, which is applied to the final cost.  For instance, if someone is getting hair and makeup, it would be a $50 retainer fee. If they are only getting hair done, it would only be a $25 retainer fee. 

*Trials will often need to be scheduled during the week, due to our schedule being full on weekends with weddings.


Q: At what point in time do I need to have paid for my services?

A: We require full payment AT LEAST 24 HOURS before the wedding.  We will only accept tips the morning of the wedding.

Q: What forms of payment do you take?

A: We accept Venmo, Zelle, Cash, or Check